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Image Annotation Service
AI Security Camera & Surveillance System 

AI in Security Camera and Surveillance System

AI-enabled security cameras are playing a big role in round-the-clock surveillance making the life of people more secured and trouble-free. To create such high-tech video equipment and integrate into surveillance system a training data set is required. And AI security camera system is developed with huge amount of data sets from videos and images captured from similar cameras with proper labeling.

Pedestrian detection and monitoring in a surveillance system are critical for numerous utility areas which encompass unusual event detection, human gait, congestion or crowded vicinity evaluation, gender classification, fall detection in elderly humans, etc.

We at PBS data labeling services offer various annotation services for AI in Security Camera & Surveillance System. 

Person Annotation

People in Campus

Pedestrian detection

Pedestrian detection

Members Count

Members Count

Person Count Tagging

Head Count

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