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Image Annotation Service

PBS data labeling services provides Tagging, Tracking, Analytics & Annotation services for sports like Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Ice-Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Baseball, Cricket, Lacrosse, Kick Boxing & multiple others. Our expertise for sports analytics includes the collection of relevant, historical & statistical data, helping in providing competitive advantage & improving the on-field performance of teams & individuals.  We analyze images and videos of games to process quality training data for these models by labeling players, objects, and player poses using various annotation techniques

Football Annotation

Player position tracking

We annotate player position from image/video footage using bounding boxes to generate training data for position tracking modules.

Sports Annotation

Athletes Performance Analysis

Our expert annotators draw and label 2D bounding boxes, tag & track individual athletes, collecting multiple analytics, 

Sports Data Labeling

Landmarking to Detect the Human Poses

Landmark annotation  provides the visual recognition of the human poses while performing the diverse types of actions in various types of sports.

Logo and Score Board

Logo and Score Board

We provide annotation services and object detection for logos and score boards.

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