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Image Annotation Services for AI in Retail

Product Tagging

Annotation & Tagging

We at PBS data labeling services work with both online and offline retailers to improve your app’s image search functions or streamline inventory management so that store shelves always stay well-stocked.

Our professionally trained annotators can annotate images of shelves, products, brands and prices for you, to help your retail application track shelf management, price checking, identifying misplaced items and more.

Our service involves the detection of any kind of pictorial content such as Product Features, Fashion Patterns, Objects or any other Element in the Image. Our team has good hands on various Annotation Tools.

Our Services includes

Product Annotation

Image Annotation

We use bounding boxes or point annotation to train computer vision algorithms for inventory management or image search functions. 

Retail Annotation

Image Tagging

We help you Improve the search relevance and recommendation engine on your website by adding specific Captions and Keywords to the images which will make it easier to Classify them.

Product Data Labeling

Data Categorization

Give online shoppers exactly what they’re looking for and drive sales by ensuring that your products are categorized accurately.

Data transcription

Data transcription

We help you Transcribe physical documents like receipts, price tags or restaurant menus 

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