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PBS data labeling services

PBS is a data labeling company offering various annotation services. We help you quickly and accurately build the ground truth for your computer vision models. 

Image Annotation

PBS data labeling services is one of the India's best low cost data labeling company offering various annotation services. We Reduce Data Labeling Cost and offer Accurate Results Quickly.

Our workforce specializes in various data labeling tasks for the ML industry. 

We understand that Data needs to be clean, accurate, complete and well labeled so machine learning models are accurate.

We label your data with the higher quality standards to fulfill the needs of the most complex AI projects

Interested in our data labeling services (image annotation, video labeling, etc.) get in touch with us.

Cost-effective data labeling at scale

Data labeling service comprises many different tasks. This includes, for example, putting electronic markings on image files (e.g. bounding boxes), placing marks on significant areas on pictures of faces, tagging pictures with relevant keywords or rewording texts with regard to the word order or the chosen person perspective. 

Our qualified worker helps in enabling consistent and low-cost delivery of high-quality output. Data can be annotated for a large number of use cases including Named Entity Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Text & Image Annotation, Audio & Video Tagging, Geo Labeling etc.

Need Data labeled for your datasets? PBS data labeling services provides fast, cost-effective and high quality data labeling for companies working on artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

Pedestrian Annotation

No matter what your needs are PBS data labeling services can support your data labeling needs across all content types.

Our annotated images helps computers and machines easily recognize the object through the dimension and outlined boxes feeding the data for future reference while recognizing similar objects.

In order to provide high-end data labeling service, we as a team of experts working passionately to deliver high-end and cost-effective service to the people who are about to carry AI next level.

We offer Pixel wise annotation service for all types and formats of images making easier for computer vision to detect the varied objects just like humans.

Data Labeling Services

Annotation Services 

Bounding Box

2D Bounding Box

Bounding boxes are the most commonly used type of annotation in computer vision. Bounding boxes are rectangular boxes used to define the location of the target object. Learn more...

Polygon Annotation

Polygonal Annotation

Polygonal is another type of data annotation where complex polygons are used. Polygons are far more precise. You’ll often see them used for everything from aerial imagery to medical research. Learn more...


Semantic segmentation

Semantic image segmentation, also called pixel-level classification, is the task of clustering parts of image together which belong to the same object class. Learn more...

Landmark Annotation

Landmark / Keypoint Annotation 

Landmark Annotation are used to mark the gestures and humans movement trajectory with each point in motion making machines to recognize human faces or poses. Learn more...

Lane Annotation

Line Annotation

Line annotation involves the creation of lines and splines, which are used primarily to delineate boundaries between one part of an image and another. Splines and lines are easy to create annotations. Learn more...

Image Classification

Other Services

We offer various other services: like counting number of objects in a image,
sorting image, Classification of various products etc.





Smart Drone Tech

Autonomous Vehicles


Food & Beverage






Our USPs

Data scientists are often happy to outsource the time-intensive and manual task of image annotation to us. We at PBS can quickly and accurately build the ground truth for your computer vision models.

Data Protection

We are GDPR Compliant - The security and privacy of our client’s data is our prime concern while offering such services.

Expert Annotators

Our team of 300 plus talented workers with years of experience ensure your image annotation projects are efficiently implemented at scale.

Best Quality Offered

Each Annotations are checked by QA at the tag level, then at the dataset level.
We assure you of 99% accuracy.

Affordable Pricing

We strive to provide the most value in the image annotation industry. We provide simple and fair pricing with no exorbitant initiation fees.

Data Labeling and Tagging


Thanks a lot for the output. I am very satisfied with your team. It has been a very good association for past 2 years. I have to say you have never led us down.

Alana Correia
Data Scientist
Data Labeling Clients

Thanks a lot for such a quick data delivery. All the data looks very good as far as quality is concerned. I am very impressed with your team and looking forward to working with your team on many more projects.

David Trowbridge

I would like to thank your team for delivering our dataset in such a quick time. My special thanks to all the team members who all were working even on weekend.

Dimitri Hovhannisyan
Research Assistant

I checked the data you sent and I like the results.
The most important thing here is that your annotation team has become very familiar with our requirements.
As a trusted partner you can get projects from us often

Mauricio Opazo
Project Manager 

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